Course update

Hello guys! We hope thet you are well!

We would like to tell you about our next course!

We have today almost finished the curricolum and where we will focus more in the strength and crossfit, due to the answers on our latest servey. Crossfit is a very broad training form. But we will begin with what we think is a huge part of injuries that we want to prevent and increasee your knowledge about.

In this course we will focus on a  1 hour course with strict focus on pullups without and with kipping, chest to bar, Muscle up and also ring muscle up and ofcourse much more! What to think about and how to scale the exercises down so that we can begin to train for them. with the goal ofcourse to do them with right technique in the future. We are all different, so therefore we need to tackle the exercises differently.

We will stay in touch! Til’ then, take care!

Half-marathon training program

We are proud to anounce that our education AND 6 month training program is finaly released on Udemy!

Are you determined to make a change of your life? and want to achieve to run a half-marathon?

We have provided everything you need to know, all from the difference between energy systems and what clothes and shoes to wear.

The Course is a 1.5 hour long and 42 lectures for you to just dig in!.

We are giving out the course out for ONLY 10 Euro, a heavy discount. And we hope that you will find this to be fullfilling.

For more information visit our webpage: or go directly to the course via this picture link:

Run a half marathon course