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Don’t get stuck in a rut 

Get out of the rut! Not everyone’s willing to put in the legwork to become the best that they can be. Some people simply settle for a healthy enough lifestyle, and some can’t even be bothered to do that. Frankly, it’s each to their own, but the reality is that many of us are also […]

Mental toughness

To be mentaly strong requires training, just like physical and technical training. This book may suite you who struggle with mental training technique. And want to come in right tracks with it.   Regardless of your activity, position, or skill level…you cannot achieve peak performance unless you have complete and consistent control of your mind. […]

Requirement profile for OCR

When we run an obstacle course, it is necessary to know which parameters are required in order for us to do better next time (provided we want to). There are several variables to keep in mind if we want to perform optimally, we call this “requirement profile” Having the right mindset is relevant to training […]

First woman to run Boston marathon

Amazing and inspiring story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever enter boston  marathon. In 1969 things were different from how they are today, it was considered verry questionable for women to run long distances. Here is how Katherine stood up and became an icon for women to compete in marathons

Start the season brand new

Finally it is time to start your new training program for your next marathons or obstacle races. It is a great idea that you in beforehand use your new shoes so that they get the exact fit before the race so that you don’t get blister on your underfoot. It is a huge deal to […]

Want to be able to run faster? Here are some tips!

Sprint faster with Olympic medalist Michael Johnson that tells you a few of his tips to sprint fast. In this video, Olympic medalist Michael Johnson provides some tips on how to run faster. Some of these techniques are also applicable when you wish to increase your performance in team sports, such as football and ice […]