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Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Aerobic and anaerobic. There are a number of parameters in endurance sports that must be good in order to become proficient. An important part of it is to train aerobically and anaerobically. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise When we’re talking about aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it’s about our various energy systems. Both have pros and cons, […]

Principle of load and recovery

Load and recovery We as a fitness coach strives to help those we train the best way to reach their goal. To become proficient in their sport requires a hard work for many years to reach the top and also a very big sacrifice to everything around you. All meaning with exercise is to get […]

Running school and proper posture

Running is an easy exercise in that matter that just require a pair of shoes and the free nature. A plus is that it gives very good results. Something that we push very hard on is that we should run with the proper running technique. Follow along in this quick running school session. One would […]