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Anaerobic training is also called Cardio and is often linked to interval training, what many people forget is that it is not the interval form itself, but the heart rate that you use in these intervals, so you may just as easy do this by doing CrossFit or cycle.  Depending on your fitness level the better adapted you are to these system. And the worse trained you are, the better you want to become. This training form is also the fastest way for untrained people to get results.

I want to break this down into aerobic and anaerobic training, these two systems have both pros and cons, The anaerobic has a high energy input, but runs out fast. The aerobic system has less energy input, but can work for hours or even days.

Let’s focus on the anaerobic system in this episode. The anaerobic system is using creatine phosphate and lactic acid to generate energy. If you dont know that those are, we’ve got you covered.  We will post the information about that later. But this system does not need oxygen to work and is therefore forcing our heart rate to go up. The reason our heart rate goes up is that we are getting an oxygen dept.  A dept. that out body wants to repay as fast as possible. This is what we want to take advantage of when we train cardio.


Cardio training is actually focusing on increasing our hearts pump capacity and growth, and is the Value of VO2max where “V” stands for volume. “O2” stands for oxygen. This is the Volume oxygen that our body can consume, which is often limited from our hearts capacity. A Value may be 60 ml per kilo body weight.


The longer we stay in oxygen dept. the more burning pain we will feel in our muscles and more likely we want to quit. But remember, this is when the adaptation begins. J

This is what happens:


The speed or load that we are running or training at is the key to use the anaerobic system. Because that is the load that we are putting on. More speed (input) The more our body needs to work (output). When we have a higher energy demand, we are forcing our body to use the anaerobic energy supply. This is forcing our heart rate to go up, we want our heart rate to go up because that is when our heart adapts and is getting bigger (if we are in the puberty) if we are post puberty we can only get it more effective.  It is pity that we cannot train our heart like a normal muscle.


we often talk about five heart rate intensity zones. Where the first is the easiest, and fifth the hardest. In Intensity zone 5 we have a heart rate over 90%. this is the zone we need to use to increase our cardio value. This is also a reason to why interval training is best suited, because it is very hard to stay in this zone for a longer time. And it is the total time in zone 5 that is important.

This is the hardest part! How may this training look like!!?!

This part is of course harder without a heart rate monitor, and not knowing your max heart rate. Consider investing in one for the best result. Think of it this way: the more muscle mass you are using, easier, if I may say so. it will be to rise our heart rate, The CrossFit’s thruster is one of those exercises that uses our whole body and is a good exercise to include for cardio training in the gym. To include our core in cardio training is less effective due to the minimal muscle mass, our heart rate is often lowered and that is negative on the cardio training, although there are ways to maintaining our heart rate by increasing the speed or involve more muscles. If you find it hard to stay at 90%. Your cardio training is better off if you train your core beside.


This picture is showing the energy system that is working with  different % of VO2MAX. Our max heart rate is at 100% of VO2MAX.  This chart is a great way of showing how to train for different type of result. If you follow the 100 point upwards you see that you should stay in a glycolysis state. wich means a very high intensity and a high amount of lactate in your body which is causing the burning feeling, You need to stay above the aerobic threshold.

The amount of time and heart rate you should focus on in zone 5 and 4 is:

Zone five: (90- 100%) 16 minutes

Zone four: (80-90%) 25-30 minutes

For instance, we have an exercise where we want a total time of zone 5 to be 16 minutes. An exercise can look differently, this is an easy example.

4×4. We run for 4 After four minutes. We then rest for another four minutes and do these four times. 4×4= 16 minutes active training

It may also look like this:

6 minutes run times 4 in zone 4 = 24 minutes active training


Remember that it is when we reach 90% that the clock starts, for the best result of course.

Now we have mention that Cardio is anaerobic training, also that it is focused on high pulse for a shorter time. And what to about when you train it. But what is a good value? And how do we measure it?

A well-trained person has about 60 ml per kg body weight.  An elite skier has around 75-80 ml per kg body weight. To get the exact value we need to test that in a lab with an oxygen mask that measures our breath, and in that way, know how much oxygen that we used. To use a lab is very costly. There is one other much cheaper test that we can do.  That test is called coopers test And is measured on how fast you can run 3 km. this test is not as exact as the lab test, but we will get a pointer on where we are at. You may find a value-chart on our webpage. I will of course link it bellow.

Cardio training is tough training and requires mental toughness. Good Luck! 😀

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