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Together it is more likely to continously keep up the good work, Let’s build and island together.

First woman to run Boston marathon

Amazing and inspiring story of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever enter boston  marathon.

In 1969 things were different from how they are today, it was considered verry questionable for women to run long distances. Here is how Katherine stood up and became an icon for women to compete in marathons

Start the season brand new

Finally it is time to start your new training program for your next marathons or obstacle races.

It is a great idea that you in beforehand use your new shoes so that they get the exact fit before the race so that you don’t get blister on your underfoot. It is a huge deal to run with shoes with high quality. With these great shoes you are well prepared for the next season.

We have in our list below provided shoes for you that we highly recomend. Check them out below!


Shoes for OCR


Shoes for Running



run faster

Want to be able to run faster? Here are some tips!

Sprint faster with Olympic medalist Michael Johnson that tells you a few of his tips to sprint fast.

In this video, Olympic medalist Michael Johnson provides some tips on how to run faster. Some of these techniques are also applicable when you wish to increase your performance in team sports, such as football and ice hockey.


Success is determined of you inner “why?”

How badly do you want it? To find success, you must find the answer to that question within yourself: why?

To become a top athlete you must be prepared to sacrifice more than most people are willing to, or even capable of doing.

From homeless to NFL

James Jones never forgot where he came from. To help them get back on their feet, he gives back to homeless families.

Obstacle course Spartan race

Fantastic motivational movie from an OC Spartan Race.

Join the movement and overcome your obstacles in order to improve as an individual.

Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop This Bodybuilder

Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop This Bodybuilder

Don’t let anything stand in your way!  This man is a great inspiration.

Michael Phelps

This is how Michael Phelps became the best

This is how Michael Phelps became the best

What are you willing to give up for the sake of your goals?

Michael Phelps is a role model for all athletes. The dedication and hard work he has put in is incredible!

He is considered to be the best swimmer of all time. All because he did what his competition wouldn’t or didn’t do.