Books that we recomend for your personal build and business.

Our own path has been long, we needed to get the right factors into place before we started Functional Basics.
We want to give back to you on how we made it, and that it truly is for everyone to learn.

Find your core values and WHY you are doing business


Many business or people have a hard time to mediate why they are doing things.
Instead of talking of what you do, it may be more profitable to share why you are doing it.

How does the internet work? How to build networks and what to think about when doing business

Internet is a huge place, a company that is experts on searchengines are google.
Jeff Jarvis will teach you how you are better suitet in the new era if information age.

How to sell anything, and what to think about when we sell.

We are all selling something, but how do we sell?
The importance of preparation och right mindset to be the best seller in the world.


Building your passion to $1million

The new age has come, information age. And this requires different type of thinking.
Get well suited to turn your passion to a money machine.