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Running school and proper posture

Running is an easy exercise in that matter that just require a pair of shoes and the free nature. A plus is that it gives very good results. Something that we push very hard on is that we should run with the proper running technique. Follow along in this quick running school session.

One would think that it’s very easy to train running technique, but it is always difficult to change a technique that is already practiced. And it takes a very long time. But it is possible to change if you focus on what you do. Another important thing that we are press hard on is the right posture, because with wrong posture and running technique it can become a overload which in turns easy becomes an injury just because the run was performed wrong.

And we are training anyway for being able to continue to run for a long time, right? What then is the right posture, now let’s do an experiment. If you set yourself up with your arms straight down and close your eyes. feel that you are balancing on your feet. Find the neutral position where you neither tipping back or forward. Now imagine that you pull yourself up by the hair and open your eyes. And there you have it. The other thing that I wanted to talk about is how we put your feet into the ground when we run. What we want to achieve is to use our tendons as much as possible, so that we more or less bounce our selves forward, and not to burden our calves too much.  Another thing that tends to happen is that we land on the heels and that is very loading. When we land on the heels there a shock straight through the body’s joints that is not desireble. Instead, what we should consider is to put your foot down almost flat slightly on your toes. To use the advantage of the flexibility of the muscle. When we run, we keep your arms slightly bent close to the body and commute back and forth to get a comfortable posture.

How long steps should we take? long or short? There is a saying that the longer steps you got the faster you can run. It does not matter that much for a person that just started to enjoy running. Therefore we do not put so much emphasis on how long stepps you should have, the most important is that you feel comfortable.

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